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1993 - 2002

Swivel Stick

Swivel Stick was an Indie rock band from Miami, FL.  They drew from a variety of diverse influences including post hardcore, emo, post-punk, noise rock, gothic rock, jazz, and sound collage while working in the frame of indie rock. They were mostly influenced by post-hardcore and the alternative rock of the 90s.

Richard Rippe - Bass, Vocals

Carl Ferrari - Guitar

Chris Cline - Drums




Notes Towards A Mental Breakdown

1 - Deepest Dreams (I Sleep)

2 - Four A.M. Smile 

3 - A Little Bit Of Night Music

4 - You and Her

5 - Mistaken Migration

6 - The Biggest Mess I've Been In

7 - Bleeds in Ecstacy

8 - Fall From Grace

9 - Plath

10 - A Day in The Life of An Exorcist

11 - Drug Angel

12 - Cold Forever

13 - My Violent Daydream

14 - To Sleep Among Angels

15 - Beats Per Minute

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CD on Space Cadette Records

Original Artwork

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*all copies are handmade, not one is the same. 

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