State Drugs is a band from Denver, CO that try their best to make catchy yet refined songs, like the kind they would have listened to 20 years ago. "It’s like the Gin Blossoms if only Dave Lombardo played drums" said some drunk passerby one time. Slowly birthed at the end of 2015-early 2016 from fragments of songs hibernating on a hard drive, State Drugs released 3 EP's before partnering with Snappy Little Numbers and Toxic Pop Records to release a collections LP titled "Takings and Leaving" in 2019. Now, the band is set to unleash their new LP, "Live. Laugh. Love.", which we are releasing in partnership with Snappy Little Numbers.

Drums - AJ
Guitar - Matt
Guitar - Tom
Bass/Vox - Chris

2015 - Present

State Drugs

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Live, Laugh, Love.

1.Beautiful & Broke 

2.Good Enough 


4.Offsides Forever 

5.Threat Level Midnight 

6.County Culture

7.Reason Season

8.A Little, A Lot 

9.Rain King 

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Lp on Ashtray Monument / Snappy Little Numbers

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