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Minimum Rage

MINIMUM RAGE was active within and wrote about the total and complete clusterfucks that were our political and societal realities during the Trump administration. Anger, frustration and ultimately rage were dealt with not violently or apathetically, but with thoughtful words and song. ~OR~ Three surfer dudes and a long hair play early 80’s Southern California skate rock, if you wanna be a dick about it. 

MR will only and always be Blackford, Hammy, Cole, and Jerm.

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Don't Die Bro

A1 - Minimum Rage

A2 - What's Wrong?

A3- Swimming

A4 - Marketplace

A5 - Nation

A6 - We Lose

A7 - Chataqua Beach

A8 - Alt Right Delete

A9 - Swindle

A10 - Thieves

A11 - Stars N' Bars

B1 -  No Way Out

B2 -  KKK9 Kops

B3 - Bullets Reign

B4 - Ancient City

B5 - Frontside

B6 - 15 Minutes of Shame

B7 - Bonfire Of The Land Rapists

B8 - Roll Around

B9 - Threat

B10 - Russell Colbourn Sucks

B11 - Thanks Y'all

B12 - Backside

Discography LP on Ashtray Monument 


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