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With the perfect mix of melody, aggression and energy, Portland, Oregon’s FeverSleep lands somewhere between the worlds of punk and grunge – if genres are your thing. But this is no rehash of a bygone era. These well-seasoned musicians pull from a diverse array of influences to create something fresh but just familiar enough to feel like you’re welcoming an old friend. Consisting of former members of YOUNG LIVERS, DIKEMBE and LOCK AND KEY, FeverSleep’s debut self-titled EP is characterized by its ferocious thrum of overdriven bass, prowling riffs and soaring melodies rounded out with a touch of melancholy. Imagine a more melodic HELMET or a more aggressive SONIC YOUTH, buoyed throughout by a driving wall of noise and haunting choruses reminiscent of DINOSAUR JR and CONSTANTINES. Finally, they throw in some DC-influenced energy and vigor for good measure

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A1 - Reckless Engineer

A2 - Split Skin

A3 - Little Pins 

B1 - On A Hill

B2 - Troubled Sleep

B3- No Reason


12" EP on Ashtray Monument / Thirty Something Records

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