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Ash County Sluggers

Truly an All-star Gainesville band, featuring members of Radon, Don's Ex-Girlfriend, and Highway 66. Let there be rock! Borrowing heavily from that early Superchunck sound mixed with the catchiness of Radon and the weird guitars of Archers of Loaf you get 11 songs exemplify the 'Gainesville Sound' in it's heyday.

Brent Wilson - Guitar, Vocals

Randy Brownell - Guitar

Chris Campisi - Bass

Bill Clower - Drums

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Self Titled 

1 - Sizemore

2 - Critical Masses

3- Little Mouths

4 - Chandler From Friends

5 - Title Five 

6 - Blaze Your Trail

7- I Had A Friend

8 - Like I am

9 - Achiever Nine 

10 - Dumb Us Down

11 - David Duchovny

Recorded 1996 by Rob Mcgregor at Turd Studios, Gainesville, FL.

Resurrected and remixed in 2002 By Rob McGregor, Justin Chamberlain, and Jeremy Rogers at Goldtone

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CD on Hazzard Records/Sooooo Intense Records

Original Artwork

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Streaming on:

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